Answers to a list of typical questions that our Clients might ask regarding our Services

  • How can Neoskills help my business grow?

    Neoskills offers a large talent pool of professionals from various domains, whom you can hire as a dedicated employee for your business. Unlike a freelancer, VE resources work exclusively for you and you have absolute managerial control over them.

  • How will Neoskills ensure completion of my project?

    Unlike freelancers and project management companies, Neoskills provides you with a dedicated virtual employee who works exclusively for you. The remote employee isn't only with you for one project but works for you, reports to you, and is your resource, f

  • If I am not a technical person, then how will Neoskills select the right fit for my requirements?

    You do not need to be technically proficient to work with your virtual Staffs. All our teams are assigned highly experienced and capable tech team leads, who identify the right skill sets of the resources and share relevant profiles post-discussion. We al

  • How cost effective is Neoskills?

    Pay only for the remote employee you hire and nothing else. No overhead cost and no hidden charges. Get a professional resource at bottom dollar and save up to 70% on remote hiring.

  • How do you maintain the Time Difference ?

    No matter which timezone you are in, your remote resource is always there for you. He/she comes with the backing of an entire team, which makes your work keep going like clockwork.